The Show

A dance performance featuring interactive light-up costumes

“The Show” was a 2018 dance performance produced and choreographed by CU alumnus Emily Daub. The performance was about exploring relationships between people and different genres of dance. I designed and developed the software for the interactive light-up costumes. Each costume had between 1-5 proximity sensors embedded into the clothing to sense the distances between each dancer at any given time. Each costume had a default color (e.g. one dancer was red, one was blue, etc) and the colors of each dancer would affect the colors of the LEDs of the dancers around them. For example, if the blue dancer and red dancer were close in proximity, both of their costumes' LEDs would blend and light up purple, and when they moved away from each other the lights would start to fade closer to their default colors. The LEDs on some of the costumes were also programmed to display different kinds of animations based on the rotational speed of the dancer. I also implemented a remote control device that I could use during the performance to remotely switch the costumes between different settings.